If you’re reading this on twitter: All my posts are cross-published from a blog on my own domain https://stefan.pauwels.ch to Twitter, Mastodon and Micro.blog. You can just continue following me there in case Twitter goes down (the beauty of IndieWeb).

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Own your content

I finally setup OwnYourGram – now Instagram is just another way to post images to my blog. With this, another corporate web silo gets plugged into my own domain, IndieWeb style.

At this point

  • all my Instagram photos get automatically posted to my blog
  • these and all my other blogposts get automatically syndicated to micro.blog/stefan
  • Micro.blog crossposts everything automatically to Twitter and Mastodon (LinkedIn, Medium and more would be possible as well).

This site, my domain, contains all my content, under my control.

Whenever I try to give a new Billy Corgan record a chance it ends with me listening to Mellon Collie stuff for days instead.